King of wands — enthusiast. Everyone is pointing that King Of Wands is fairly intimate, that is what my pal warned me personally too.

We asked my cards can I enter into a relationship this 12 months and pulled 3 cards.

King of wands, 3 of wands, X

Well, X is a glass card which ultimately shows 2 individual together cheerfully. I will be romantically involved with this King of wands so I am quite sure.

All along i have already been concentrating on King of Pentacles & King of cups.. hardly ever really continue reading King of Wands. Here is the third time this King of Wands turned up. And so I have always been right here to inquire about

We read up alittle and got some information from my pal’s experience with King Of Wands. To me, KOW is an individual who is much more fiery, committed and extrovert. He could be a really confident guy with great profession, he understands just what he desires in life. I happened to be told which he could possibly be quite agressive in intercourse too. Simply does not seem like the sort of guy who i really hope become relationship with or also settle down..

Close to this KOW is 3 of wands. it appears after I meet this KOW, I turn back and look how far I have gone through in life before meeting him like I have been travelling alone (in my life journey.

I wish to know..

1. You see that 3 of wands which appeared after King of Wands how you view King of Wands as a suitor, lover and husband? 2. How do?

In my opinion. The KoW is not actually a person who is seeking dedication although that may take place later on if things work right. He’s a lot more of the type that is adventurous to squeeze every little bit of juice from life. Both of you would go along great in the event that you could be ready and in a position to move into their completely working airplane, then leap from it with him as you pull your parachutes cords together. We dated a KoW before and I also actually did not want it aside from the intercourse. He had been simply to high strung in my situation whenever at that time we required you to definitely flake out with.

The 3 of Wands close to him just informs me he WILL be using the lead position in this relationship.

Your concern had been a yes or no concern, as opposed to whom might we find a relationship with this particular 12 months. yes?

Therefore as the King of Wands will be a separate, masterful enthusiast and most likely quite possessive, i do believe what sort of cards look that the King of Wands is YOU. That if you would like have a relationship this present year it is for you to decide to figure out with who and do it with whatever you’ve got. as the King of Wands understands precisely what he wishes and won’t let trifling things, like perhaps the item of their desires would like to or otherwise not or other formidable obstacles deter him from their conquest.

3 Wands will be placing the total amount of effort and desire you must pursue this, but permitting what to simply take their program. that entire if it had been supposed to be set it free and determine if it comes back in Aces.

Many thanks all for the replies!

We haven’t satisfy a King of Wands before, this undoubtedly frighten me personally off by all of the reactions. And, the thing that is worst is he can’t commit.. that is definitely not the things I want in a relationship.

Appear to be King of pentacles or King of cups is much more suited to me

I wish to know..

1. The way you view King of Wands as a suitor, fan and spouse? 2. How do you see that 3 of wands which showed up after King of Wands?

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