Kamala Harris attracted widespread praise for her performance during the second night of their first Democratic presidential debates, and oddsmakers have taken note.
On Bovada, Harris is now tied to the third-best chances to win the presidency in 2020 at +750, just behind Donald Trump (EVEN) and Joe Biden (+450).
The California Senator was listed at +1200 Final month and sat behind Trump, Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
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Other betting platforms have been even more generous.
On Bet Online, Harris is now given the best odds (+250) of winning the Democratic nomination, and can be followed closely by Joe Biden (+325) and Elizabeth Warren (+450).
Predict It also lists Kamala Harris as the favorite to win the nomination, although the site models odds from the forms of»share costs» of a candidate’s stock. Her»price» has become 22 cents, which positions before Joe Biden (21 cents) and Elizabeth Warren (20 cents).
Also rising following the initial argument were Elizabeth Warren (+2000 on Bovada last month and +750 currently ) and Pete Buttigieg (+1100 on Bovada past month and +850 today ).
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Joe Biden’s odds have dipped slightly on Bovada, as he had been recorded at +450 entering the debates and currently sits at +425. Oddsmakers are probably waiting on polling to see if the former vice president’s performance is going to have any effect on his support, since Biden has maintained a healthy lead in the polls despite many of campaign controversies to this point.
Bernie Sanders appeared to fall the maximum after the first argument, because he was leapfrogged by Harris, Warren and Buttigieg on Bovada following the initial debate.
Click through the slideshow to see updated gambling odds after the first Democratic argument.
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