I cannot download or work an application/game in Genymotion Desktop


Utilizing ARM interpretation gear and/or EdXposed/Xposed structure is not officially supported: if certain application or games however does not work, or if perhaps Genymotion doesn’t operate properly, we are going to not provide any tech support team. Get it done at your very own threats.

If you get one of the preceding problem:

  • The application cannot can be found in yahoo Play Store
  • Yahoo Gamble shop claims «the product isn’t suitable for this type»
  • Your attempt to publish an APK file, however it doesn’t do anything or perhaps you become one information » INCOMPATIBLE_ABI «

Subsequently, the application form you intend to install might be only available for supply or it cannot run in a rooted equipment.

1. The application or game is just available for ARM

Genymotion desktop computer virtual unit structure are x86 (32 parts) only. You need to use a x86 version of your own application or install ARM interpretation equipment.


Genymotion pc cannot help software for arm64/arm-v8, getiton despite ARM translation libraries. Observe to operate software for arm64/aarch64 (arm-v8)?

For appropriate factors, we simply cannot supply any supply interpretation gear nor hyperlinks in their eyes. However, you need to be capable of finding all of them on the Internet.

For detailed instructions, kindly make reference to software for supply.


If you want to download the application or video game from Bing Play Store, you need to install the ARM translation resources before setting up the OpenGApps plan.Please observe that there aren’t any supply interpretation equipment for Android os 10 for now.

2. the program or video game detects root

Genymotion pc virtual devices become rooted (observe how to unroot a Genymotion digital product?) and some solutions and video games will identify it and refuse to download and operate. They’ll not come in yahoo Enjoy Store or it’s going to point out that «their device isn’t appropriate for this variation», despite having ARM translation hardware put in.

In this case, it will not be feasible to set up it from Gamble shop, in some cases it could be possible to set up it with an APK file and keep hidden root from it.

To accomplish this, you can attempt the immediate following:

  1. Grab an APK for x86 of the video game or software. If there aren’t any x86 variants, you will need to put in supply interpretation hardware in advance (discover solutions for supply).
  2. Pull’n Drop the APK file for the digital product show. This will put in and attempt to operated the application.
  3. Proceed with the instructions from Ways to use Xposed/Edxposed to hide underlying accessibility from a software? (Genymotion desktop computer) to protect root into appliction.

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